About Me

I really want to give you guys an astonishing introduction for myself, like Thor’s hammer bringing an astonishing effect. Unfortunately, I am a pretty normal boy just like everybody else. I haven’t gone to Hogwarts, I haven’t met Tony Stark, and I haven’t got the chance to join MIB. Well, I do sometimes wish that a person wearing a fine suit and a pair of sunglasses will interrupt my class to take me away for a special mission like saving the world. Until that day happen, I will still be an ordinary boy sitting in my class, trying to finish my journal, which is due next week. If you want to know me, keep reading.

So, my name is Lance, currently studying in Clifford International School. I spend most of my free time listening to hip-hop music or pop music, playing basketball, and watching animation and TV episodes and movies. Boring! Yeah, I know. Don’t expect any dramatic or breathtaking events in my life— I am even afraid of roller coaster. The most dangerous thing I have ever done was climbing a steep mountain in Xian, Mount Hua, last summer. Our group arrived at the bottom of the mountain at ten o’clock in the morning, and began to walk up to it. At first, the road is wide and gradual. I was joking around with my friend and enjoying the view. The higher we went, the narrower the roads got. When we were near to the top, the road was almost vertical to the ground. The stairs were so narrow that they could only hold one third of my feet. The only protection was those chains lying on the stones beside the stairs. I felt like walking on the cliff just like a ninja but a careful one because I didn’t dare to look down. It took us nine hours to reach the top and I couldn’t even lift my fingers to use the chopsticks at that night.

Don’t take me wrong though. I am not a weak or fragile boy. I still do some physical activities like others and basketball is my passion. I was introduced to this sport when I was grade one. However, I was curious at all the sports so I didn’t really practice playing basketball until I was grade six, where I started to watch NBA and learn how to play. When I entered high school, I finally made it to the school basketball team, which has always been my little wish. I met a lot of great teammates who helped me a lot and made me enjoy the whole season even though we didn’t win the championship. I carry their spirits and dedicate myself to the team. No matter what the team needs me to do—playing solid defense, getting rebounds, or just sitting on bench— I will do it. Now, my journey seems to come to the end but I believe our story will be told.

You think that’s it? No. These are just a very little part of my ordinary life, where sometimes amazing happens. I will keep sharing the dribs and drabs of my life, so you know what to do. (FOLLOW ME)


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Really like your conception of “normal but not that normal”. It’s very true that all of us just a nobody in the universe but we do have our own sparkling points. Thanks yo your blog, I finally find out that there’s someone kind of sharing similar thoughts. Plz, keep sharing your own inspiring special thoughts!

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  2. Very interesting introduction. I happy to see another Marvel fan here. Your trip of climbing moutain seems to be a very amazing experance. Now I am also considering to have trip like this because of you. Whish you have a nice year in school.


  3. I climbed Mt. Hua Shan about ten years ago and even today I think it is so scary. But the scenery on the the top of the mountain is really cool so I think it is worth for people to climb it.
    You are a cool man and everyone knows that you are a brilliant basketball player. Have a nice year!


  4. You are not a normal boy. I met you when we were in the kindergarten, and you are awesome. Follow your dream, and be confident. Let’s have a good year in cinema class!


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