New Family Member

I am very sure that most of us desire a pet when we were kids. Cats and dogs are the sweetest dream in our childhoods, decorating our lives with their cuteness, love, and loyalty. When I was a kid, I dreamt about holding a dog in my arms all the time. I can’t even remember why I was so in love with dogs. All I know is that when I saw dogs-Labrador, Poodle, or Corgi-I was attracted by their wiggling tails, furry heads, and crystal eyes. Unfortunately, I spent my childhood begging for a dog and being jealous to my friends who own pets. I tried so many methods to persuade my mom, however, she had so many different excuses to reject my request. For example, she once told me that we couldn’t keep a dog because my grandpa and grandma were afraid of dogs. Though my anger made this statement sounded doubtful, I had no choice but to accept it.

Therefore, I forced myself to accept the truth that we weren’t allow to keep pets in our house when I was growing up. Years and years, I acted more and more indifferently to the fact that I wasn’t able to have a dog. Until July 2018, I was still cool with my three-people family. On July 6th, my mother suddenly sent a dog photo on our family group chat and asked us if we want to keep this dog. I glanced at the photos: it was a black poodle, with some white hair at its chest and legs.

“As you like,” I sent the message.

“No. We don’t have time for it,” my dad replied.

I never expected my mom would bring the dog home after two days. That confused me a little bit. Why did we get a dog when I already abandoned the thought? Why are we keeping this dog? Are you telling me that you actually like dogs? So does that mean my grandparents aren’t afraid of dog anymore? It’s like I wish to have a toy car at my four-year-old birthday and then get it after thirteen years. Jeez, what a boring nice surprise.I didn’t feel very excited. I’m a grown man now, so I hardly feel excited to see my childhood’s dream come true. This could be good news for me if I was able to travel back and told that five-year-old Lance “you’ll have a dog in twelve year so don’t give up begging our mom.”

While this little black dog was exploring her new home, my parents were discussing her name.

“Let’s name her Qiaoqiao,” suggested my dad.

In Chinese, Qiao is a name for girl, representing cuteness and vividness. Although I didn’t care about this dog, Qiaoqiao really fitted her because she could move to four different rooms in ten seconds and then jumped back on the couch.

I sat on the couch and watch her consuming her endless energy. I guaranteed to myself that this dog would be a troublemaker in the future. I was right. The next few days, Qiaoqiao torn the tissues, peed in my room, and stole the snacks on the table. It pissed us off, but when we were about to yell at her, she would open her innocent eyes and lie beside us. Even though my parents were teaching her, Qiaoqiao kept barking whenever she hears a noise from the door; jumping on my labs when I am eating chips; and pooping on the couch! Now I start to wonder if everyone’s dogs act like that or it’s just me who has this obstinate dog. May you please pee in the bathroom, lady??? I don’t want to see you sitting beside a pond of smelly liquid every morning when I wake up. My morning is suppose to be delightful, don’t ruin it!

I am very sure that most of us desire a clean and clever pet. So, Qiaoqiao, we still have a long road to go, please treat each other nicer, why shouldn’t we?


15 thoughts on “New Family Member

  1. Qiao qiao is so adorable! I didn’t get a chance to have my own dog until the first semester of my grade 7. I adopted my dog because it’s former owner had no more time to raise it. Sometimes the first glance is all it takes 😉


    1. Yeah, she is very cute indeed. I am just wishing she could stop acting crazy and jumping around the house. I’m still happy to her in my home. Hope you enjoy your time with your dog!


  2. Awww your blog MELTED my heart! I wonder what changed your mom’s mind? My suggestion is to take QiaoQiao for a walk every day so she would consume more energy outside without driving you crazy and destroying your house.


    1. Hahaha, I have no idea why my mom suddenly decide to have a dog. I do take my dog to a walk every day, in fact, twice a day. However, she will still sometimes pee at night when we are asleep.


  3. She is so cute! She is definitely the best present ever even though it comes late…for thirteen years… I have a dog, a naughty princess, who was once as “energetic” as Qiao Qiao is when she was young. It is really hard to teach a little dog to behave properly; it indeed takes time. But I am sure you will feel more about love and warmth than “despair” when you facing her mischief. As I could feel it from your words (though there are some obvious grammar mistakes…), you really like this little sister, don’t you~ Hope she will grow up into a lady soon.


    1. I am really looking forward to the day she changes, and I do like her when she doesn’t steal my socks or bite my shoes. I’m very glad that she brings a lot of energies into my family. Also, thanks for reminding me my grammar mistakes…


  4. How old is Qiao qiao? This reminds me of my little brother. He is a Chow(puffy-lion dog) , who is probably a little bit cutter than Qiao qiao. He dragged his collar to me whenever he wanted to excrete, and I would go to the park with him. Therefore, he had never excrete in the house. However, he was bee taken away from me and sent back to his parents. Maybe you can set some tissue at where Qiao qiao used to pee ahead?


    1. Qiaoqiao is about nine months old. It makes me jealous to know your dog is that smart…… mine doesn’t even know where she should pee! I’m sad to hear that your dog was taken away from you but maybe it’s good for him to reunite with his parents. By the way, I tried to put a piece of paper or a tissue to the place she pees. Guess what? She ate that paper……


  5. En? I didn’t know you have a dog before for so many years. Next time I must go to your home and see how smart is her. Well, don’t be so angry to see she pee, though it is annoying usually. Like what Mr. Romard had said, you should kiss her and say sorry, hahaha.


  6. Qiaoqiao is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see Qiaoqiao sometime later. Dogs are clever than you think. I also have two dogs, and one of them is smart. She can know what I’m saying, and she also can know my emotion. She is a nice buddy. The other dog is… kind of like your dog, but she is also very cute and lovely.


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