Are you smart enough to control your smart phone?

During the Christmas holiday, I went to watch the movie Kill Mobile”, which is adapted from the Italianmovie called Perfect Stranger. The movie described a scenario that seven people were having a small party in one of their house. At the middle of the party someone proposed to play game to enhance their friendship. The rule of the game asked everyone to put their cell phones in the middle of the table while having conversation, any text or phone call would be shown and answered in public. Although there were some people that were extremely nervous at the beginning, they all started to play the game. Cell phone is like a huge blanket that covers all the secrets, miserable experience, and ugly deals. Once there are chances for people to open othersblankets, they got curious and excited. These seven people discovered each others’ difficulties and secretsthroughout the game. Their daily lives were tightly connected to cell phones, which made this game very harmful to everyone. Just in an hour of time, their phones exposed tremendous astonishing news: some of them cheated on their partners, some of them already got divorce with their mate, and some of them were even raped by their boss. 

Even though the movie is a comedy, the fact is actually sad if you think deeper and more carefully. The purpose of this invention is to make people closer by facilitate the way of contact. However, cell phones have evolved with so many recreational functions under the impact of the rapid technology development these years. The appearance of Apple started a revolution of cell phone; smart phones take over the whole market andcompletely change peoples lives. They replace a large amount of daily supplies such as computers, calculators, TVs, mp3s, GPSs and wallets and so on. Every day, people order meals with phones, chat with others on the phone, read passages on the phones, and play on the phones and so on. We spend too much time on our phones everyday like some social media or games and so on, but we forget to communicate and deliver our emotion to the people we care and love. Smart phones are so powerful that people stick with them every moment in their lives leading to estrangement, misunderstanding, and chaos. The more time that is spent on the phone means the more it knows about you. When everything that is valuable for us are all on the storage of the phone, we will not care about our friends, family, and love. All we do is going on the phone, blocking away any direct communication. It is tragic to see what we invented conquer our decision, our schedule, and our life, isn’t it?

Our life should be colorful. Smart phone is only a small piece of the huge painting, its existence makes the painting more detailed, but its absence shouldn’t destroy the whole picture. We need to believe in ourselves and don’t let smart phones control our lives.


12 thoughts on “Are you smart enough to control your smart phone?

  1. A really nice blog that makes you think deeply. Recently I feel that the relationship between me and my family has drifted apart in somehow. The reason for that is the smartphone. We use smartphones all the time when either we’re having meals or sitting on the couch. There’s less and less face-to-face communication, which really upsets me. I do have some questions regarding your blog. In the movie, when the characters decided to put their phones in the centre of the table and answer the questions in public, who was going to text, make a phone call, and ask a question? Why were they extremely nervous at the beginning of the game? Was there a penalty for them? Or they were just afraid of letting others know their secrets?
    Anyway, I really like this article! 🙂


    1. I’ll first answer your questions: in the movie, everyone who attend the game has their own secrets. They put their phones on the table when they are having dinner together. When there is a phone call or text, they’ll look at it together. They don’t set any rules for punishments but the leakage of their secrets is the biggest punishment. Anyway, I hope you can talk to your family and fix the cell phone issue.


  2. Smart phone had always been a serious problems that is blocking the relationship between people. I can see how smart phone is influencing our life, and I had a lot of personal experience. When me and my family go out for dinner each of us are focusing on our phone, we barely talk about the food or anything we just focus on own world. Therefore the lack of coneverstion between my families brought up alot of problems like misunderstanding and family dessension to my family. If you had to face problems cause by smart phone, and these problems effect your family’s relationship what will you do?


    1. I agree with you, smart phones are changing our lives and way of communication. When our family are having dinner together, the rule is not to look at your cell phones, which kinda force us to focus on each other and enjoy our time.


  3. Very insightful post you have here. I real like your introduction with the movie that instantly made me interested about this blog. However, I have a slightly different opinion. I am not really addict to smart phone since, but I do spend a lot of time on general technology which includes phones, iPad, computer, and cameras etc. One thing I really like about modern society is that the technology is amazing as you mentioned. I wouldn’t consider smart phone as a small piece of the painting but an entire new world. So, I understand that people could lose themselves in the digital world, but balancing the time spent on two worlds is real challenging part.


    1. Yes sir, smart phones here are kind of a signal representing the whole advanced technology in modern society. When people spend too much time in them, they will ignore other things that worth enjoying. The purpose of this blog is just to tell people to live their lives without being controlled by phones or other devices.


  4. Smart phone has great contribution to our lives, more convenient to communicate and pay, but also occupies a lot of our time. People now look like being addicted to it. They always say they will focus on their work at first, but cannot last for half an hour. Even me sometimes need to force myself to stay away from using it to watch movies. So I really agree with you that we should look outside of our phone and have more contact to others.


    1. Yes, this is the problem we cannot avoid these days. Even the adults will sometimes spend too much time in their phones. We should definitely settle down a bit to enjoy the world without cell phones.


  5. This is an interesting but thought-provoking film. The more they want to play this game, the more curious they are about other people’s secrets when everyone is afraid of revealing the secrets in their mobile phones to the public. On a deeper level, I know that “Kill Mobile” is adapted from “Perfect Stranger” in Italy in 2016. The original film is a profound and dark film. The Chinese version innovates to adapt it into a light comedy, which also weakens or even eliminates the narration of same-sex and extramarital affairs in the original film.
    Cell phones have replaced parents and lovers as the things that know us best in the world. Some people say that if one day to die, the first thing to do is to reset the phone. Some people even say that the best way to wake someone up is to whisper, “let me check your phone.”
    In this movie, I understand that no one can walk out of their partner’s phone laughing.
    Your discription and understanding is deep and concise, but you can do better on film commenting if you relate the film to another big concept, such as “should lovers check their boyfriend/girlfriend’s phones?” And some insight thoughts about how the film presents the theme and make the audience contemplate. Thank you for telling me a good movie to watch!


    1. Thanks for your advice. This movie for sure can trigger people to think more about how they should manage their smart phones. To me, the comedy style is quite innovative to bring out the theme without making audience feel too depressed.


  6. It’s such a meaningful movie and it deserves every audience to spend time and think about the deeper meanings behind humor. The usage of cell phones has always been a topic me and my family discuss when we sit down to enjoy our meals. My parents say that cell phones have become an important part of the younger generation and we can barely live without cell phones in this contemporary world. It’s good to know such a movie that contains elements other than love or just for fun. I think we should definitely think about questions like can I live for a month, even a week, without a cell phone?


  7. I really like the way you introduced the movie! I thought about doing something like this with my friends but instead of showing the texts or calls, the first one that has a notification in any kind would pay dinner for everyone. I use my phone a lot and i feel a big change in my habits compared to 2 or 3 years ago but I don’t know if it’s a good or bad change. I agree with you that we should look up more instead of our phones and talk to others in real life more.


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